Aperture Story is a blog focusing on photography, travel and lifestyle. There is also a shop providing illustrations and photographies. As a self taught photographer and illustrator I am sharing with you my favorite works. I also feature illustrations of other artists on this website. I hope you will love it.
— Lorrie Joaüs - Creator of the Blog

Hope you have a good moment reading my blog

The Blog

I was born in a small city of France called Kemper in the Breton dialect, that means confluent. That part of France is said to be the closet to this great city that is called New-York. All of these signs make me feel like I was meant to move and live to other side of the Atlantic Ocean. 

I always loved photography, taking pictures of the sea, sunset and nature. Now that I am in the United States I have taken photography to another level. I have to admit the beauty of nature here helps a lot!

I am taking you in this journey of photography, travel and lifestyle.

My gears are a Canon 5D Mark ii with lens: Sigma 35mm 1:1.4, Canon 17-40mm 1:4, Canon 50mm 1:1.8, Canon 14mm 1:2.8. I also have a DJI Mavic Pro drone.

All photos on this site are taken by me, Lorrie Joaüs, and are copyrighted under my name. You can't use them without my permission.

The Shop

Everyone that is a bit into photography or illustration knows the feeling of seeing their work printed on paper. I would like to share this feeling with you and this shop is the best tool to do it.

I am putting my best photography and illustration skills into action and I choose with a lot of attention to details artwork from other artists to bring you the best art prints experience ever.