Taking Photos with a Drone

I recently got a DJI Mavic Pro drone to take pictures on another angle. After being used to all the manipulations to get the Mavic ready, it is time to take care of the most interesting stuff; doing photography. The first thing I did was to set Raw photo on the DJI GO 4 app (the app you use to control the drone). I only work in Raw as it let you post process the photos in more depth. 

My first drone flight brought me over exposed photos that I had been able to work with even if they where over exposed as they are Raw. So on my second flight I used a ND filter of a set of filters you can buy from DJI (there are 3 filters on the set a 4, 8 and 16 stops), and played with the exposure (shutter and iso seem to change accordingly). 

I definitely need to continue to work on as I have made a few outing so far with it. Also I am waiting impatiently for fall to settle with its beautiful orange colors!

Here are some shots I took so far with the Mavic in the country side of Connecticut, let me know what you think about it:

Gears and software used:

- DJI Mavic Pro (available here)

- Abobe Photoshop CC 


Lorrie Joaüs